Since v10.0 OSX has come bundled with this unassuming little app and it’s full of surprises. It loads very quickly and takes few resources while being capable of doing 90% of the tasks many users will fire up Photoshop or Acrobat to accomplish.

Here’s a list of some less obvious features available in the Mavericks version of Preview.


Signing PDFs

Add a personal signature to any PDF or other Preview document.

Go to >Preview >Preferences >Signatures and use your built in camera to take a snapshot of your signature for use in any document. You can save several signatures and from the Annotate Menu option paste into any document.



Adjust Colour

Sounds pretty basic but this menu option includes so much more including Sharpness and Saturation:



Using the annotation menu you can add comments, arrows, boxes and shapes in different colours and sizes:


Edit PDFs

Viewing PDFs with the Thumbnail view allows you to drag pages and rearrange their order. With two PDFs open you can move pages from one document to the other:




Add Highlights and Notes