Veriflow Alicyclobacillus

Alicyclobacillus (ACB) species are non-pathogenic spoilage bacteria found in fruit juice and other beverages. They are resistant to low pH environments and pasteurization and produce off flavours and odours in contaminated products.

Traditional ACB testing methods take too long for real time process intervention and alternative molecular technologies can be complex and expensive.

Veriflow ACB has proven accuracy, requires minimal sample preparation and provides results in less than 3 hours from sample collection.

Simple to use, easily interpreted results Detection in less than 3 hours
1/ Collect 5 mL of sample and transfer to 20 mL dH2O. Centrifuge and decant sample. Re-suspend sample using proprietary buffer ACB.2/ Transfer 50 µL of re-suspended sample into the 1.5 mL tube and vortex. Add 5 µL of sample into the PCR reagent tube. Place the tube into the thermocycler and run the program.
3/ Remove the PCR tube from thethermocycler and add Buffer B. Dispense the PCR tube contents onto the test cassette window. Wait 3 minutes and retract the cassette switch to reveal the test results. One line indicates negative results, two lines indicate positive results.