1. All the best games are on PC. True there aren’t nearly as many games available for the Mac but if you really want to play games the XBox 360 or Playstation 3 will give a better experience and cost much less than a games capable PC. Your £300 Dell workstation can’t play a modern game any better than a £300 Mac Mini. The latest games require dedicated graphics cards that could cost more than the PC itself.


3. PCs can be customized or even built from separate components but the Mac is tied to Apple hardware and support. If you enjoy tinkering with the insides of a computer, rather than actually getting something done with it, the PC may be for you. But there are huge advantages to having a computer that’s identical to thousands of others. If you have problems with crashing software – you’re not on your own! With a Mac, the hardware and software were made for each other and they usually work beautifully together. If there is a problem you know that millions of others will have the same problem and it’s not usually long before Apple issue a fix or workaround.


4. A lot of my software and hardware doesn’t work with Macs. If you really have to run Windows, the latest Macs can run XP and Vista as well. In fact installing Windows on a Mac is usually much quicker and easier using Apple’s BootCamp software. Now that the Mac is based on Unix there is a whole new momentum in software development and hardware support with thousands of developers working to add to the Mac’s capabilities.

 5. It’s cheaper to fix a PC and there are far more PC vendors who can repair Windows boxes. True, but 99% of computer problems are caused by software. To reinstall the Mac operating System takes only 20 minutes and can be done by any novice user. Mac OSX comes on one DVD with all the drivers and software included. With tools like Archive & Reinstall and Migration Utility, it is very easy to recover a damaged system. And with no viruses or spyware to cripple the Mac, it’s not likely to grind to a snail’s pace – easily the most common problem with Windows.

6. My mobile phone doesn’t connect to the Mac. Have you seen the iPhone!

Did you know…

  • Macs can boot from a CD, an external USB/Firewire disk, or another Mac to recover a system drive.
  • One Mac can connect to another Mac with the behaviour of an external FireWire disk.
  • The residual value of second hand Macs is very high compared to PCs.
  • There are no viruses or spyware on the Mac – none at all!
  • The Mac Mini is barely audible in use and very energy efficient.
  • Only the Mac can run Windows and OSX (and Linux).
  • There’s no boot.ini – just hold down the alt key to choose the boot volume.
  • Boot in 32 or 64 bit mode by holding down a key.
  • Run Windows natively and install with Apple’s BootCamp (which includes all the drivers) in 20 mins.