T ypically, our customers are creatives and innovators who rely on computers for production—graphic designers, printers, PR agencies or home workers and our mission is only to help them achieve their goals.

IT companies can have a tendency to over-complicate things. We try to keep it simple, cost effective and stress-free. We have no agenda to sell equipment or impose our own well-worked methods and we won’t try to cultivate your dependence on us. We offer a flexible, personal service tailored for your business …not ours.

Macnetwork is a collaboration of self-employed individuals—experts in their field, coming together to provide help and support for the digital services every small company relies upon.

We manage and plan the integration of a huge range of stuff Computers, Servers, Websites, Hardware, Software, iOS, Windows, MacOS, System Integration, Networking, WiFi, Routers, Switches, Repairs, Purchasing, Backup, Recovery, WordPress, Divi ...etc—basically we are here to solve your IT problems and to help you to get the best from any system.

Besides fixing problems we also create and manage websites, specialising in WordPress and the increasingly popular Elegant Themes’ Divi but we can also help with SquareSpace and other platforms.

Contact us for:

  • Telephone and remote support
  • On-site services (in East Sussex & West Kent), installation and training
  • Service on an ad-hoc basis or under a service agreement (see current price list for ad-hoc rates).

We get Information Systems working for your company rather than against it, helping you focus on your core business (see Support Contracts).

Website maintenance and publication ~ if you are interested in a quotation for a small business website or if you just need a slight alteration to an existing page, please contact us – we can be extremely flexible whilst remaining very cost effective.

Terms & Conditions Apply ~ download pdf

Google Apps for Work Support Partner

Google Apps

Our preferred solution for email and cloud services is now called Google Workspace.

Sign up here for a 30 day trial and get 10% off the first year when you email us for a coupon code.

For Mac users and in mixed environments, we believe that the best solution for business email at this time is Google Workspace. It’s incredibly reliable, has the best spam filtering, works 100% across all platforms and mobile devices and costs less than competing services. It’s also great for cloud computing, collaboration and online storage which works similarly to DropBox. Each business user gets 30GB of storage for email and documents. For more advice on Google Services use the contact form.

Our websites are developed using WordPress. We use the Divi theme (by Elegant Themes) to create all our sites. There are virtually no limits to Divi and hundreds of quick-start gorgeous templates are available for it. Ongoing developement and a vast support network will help keep your site fresh, up to date and secure. It’s the most popular theme today and a cost effective way to have your website up and running in hours. 

  • Edit your own website – log in to edit pages or add content.
  • Security – Patches are applied automatically to keep one step ahead of hackers.
  • Design – Divi is the most versatile theme available, there are no constraints on the design (unlike WIX or Squarespace etc) and hundreds of templates to get you off to a flying start.
  • Compatibility – Supported by 99% of hosting companies worldwide – we use SiteGround.
  • Fully customisable – Add your own logos, colours, branding, fonts etc.
  • Easy – WordPress is used by 50% of bloggers because it’s so easy to keep updated.
  • Extendable – Thousands of plugins are available to easily add features and widgets to any site e.g. eCommerce, Twitter feeds, SEO, forms, feedback etc.
  • Mobile friendly – Increasing popularity of mobile devices for web browsing means you need your site to be responsive to different screen sizes. Wordpress will detect which device is being used and adjust the layout for the best user experience.
  • WordPress is used by… CNN, New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, GM

What about MS365?

Microsoft have done a great job of designing Office 365 to look good but online editing is very slow and buggy compared to Google Apps. Migration—even from other Microsoft platforms like SBS2003/7—can be a nightmare. It doesn’t work fully with older versions of Outlook (2003) – no contact or calendar sync. It won’t easily migrate from an Exchange server that uses a self signed certificate. It won’t directly import .PST files although you can send them to Microsoft and they will do it for you at $4/GB. The easiest way to import addresses from an Outlook NK2 file to Office 365 Contacts is via Gmail …uh!

Having said all that, if you’re a Windows user and want to use the desktop suite of apps then MS365 is probably the way to go. Non-profits can get it for a very reduced price including the whole Office 365 Suite or free without the desktop apps.


Before engaging a service provider to repair your broken Mac/PC consider all the options. Apple and most Authorised Service Providers will happily reformat your hard disk, install a clean system and return it as repaired. They rarely attempt to preserve the personal content or configuration of your machine.

SSD Upgrades

We can transform your ageing Mac or PC with a Solid State Drive (SSD) replacing the existing Hard Disk. Everything works so much faster, including browsing the web and opening applications. Prices come down all the time and it’s now far and away the most cost effective upgrade you can buy for your PC or Mac.

Data Recovery

We don’t want to give a false sense of security but our success rate in data recovery is about 90%. Data backup although tedious and boring is very important, if you have lost data however…


…it’s very likely we can recover your lost files from hard disks, flash drives and optical media.

Network Integration

We don’t just fix things, we make them work–together. In a world where seemingly everything is networked, finding the cause of a failure can be frustrating but we’re here to take ownership of your IT problems and get everything working together.

Home Broadband

Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

Business Broadband

Unlimited business broadband from £15 a month