There’s no going back if you upgrade and it makes the iPhone 4 or iPad 3 stutter and glitch like a cheap Android device. Sooner or later you’ll likely be forced by Apple to upgrade to iOS7 – our recommendation if you don’t have an iPhone 4S or faster, is to hold fire as long as possible. If you have a newer phone think long and hard about whether to upgrade now, or perhaps wait for the next version. Lots of audio apps will no longer work and there are a great many little annoyances which can make for a miserable experience, depending on what you use it for. AudioBook chapters is one thing that’s gone missing–makes finding your place in Game of Thrones very tiresome.

Apple have now stopped signing iOS6.1.3 so you may never be able to downgrade back to iOS6. You may be wondering at that point who actually owns the device you paid so much money for?

April 2014 update Apple’s bullyboy tactics

Apple have surreptitiously broken FaceTime for iOS6.1.3  They’ve made no announcement nor have they publicly acknowledged the problem but the first step to troubleshooting FaceTime issues is now to make sure both devices are running the latest iOS

Check here if you like – no doubt everything is running perfectly !